BurritoBox For All Your Sustainable Burrito Needs

boxby Steven Doyle

Just when you thought it was safe to eat a burrito comes… the BurritoBox. Think of it much like you would RedBox for your latest movie night except it dispenses warm and supple burritos. The first box of its kind went operational a few weeks ago in West Hollywood, certainly where there are no burrito or taco shortages, with mixed reviews.

Burritos found in the automatic dispenser include roasted potato with cage-free egg and cheese; uncured bacon with cage-free egg; chorizo sausage with cage-free egg and cheese; shredded beef and cheese, and free-range chicken with beans and rice. It is California, so they are going with the hormone and antibiotic-free angle, as if someone who buys a burrito from a vending machine really cares about these things. Maybe in West Hollywood they do. 

Side items for an additional fee include sour cream, guacamole or Tabasco. We are told that the burritos are pretty tasty, but not exactly like the custom grand versions at Chipotle, but serviceable none the less.

If you are looking for a fresh and hot vending machine burrito, check in at the Mobile station located at 8380 Santa Monica Blvd. in West Hollywood. More machines are slated for the Los Angeles area, and beyond.

photo courtesy of Box Brands


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