Barking Good Ice Cream Made With Oh* Brownies

barkerby Steven Doyle

If you have not tried Carnival Barkers Ice Cream, which is located at the very fun Truck Yard on Greenville Avenue, we have a new reason for you to slip on by for a taste. The lastest flavor uses local brownie maven Iris McCallister’s Oh* Brownie to make this┬áBlonde Brownie Nutella ice cream. Seriously good stuff.

The address is 5624 Sears Street, located just across the road from Trader Joes on Lowest Greenville.


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  1. Anne

    Last weekend’s Peanut Butter ice cream with Oh*Brownie Original Gangster chocolate brownie was CRAZY GOOD! Heading over this afternoon to try some of the Blonde Brownie Nutella!!

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