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So Many Ways to Celebrate National Sandwich Day in Dallas

by Steven Doyle

There is little to make a sandwich wonderful other than  fantastic bread, well thought out seasonings and spreads, and a filling that should be unsurpassed. When deciding a list of our favorites, it seemed a more daunting task than originally thought. So much more came to mind as the list was settled.

With all the heartache of selecting which can stand alone as the very best, we humbly submit in no particular order sandwiches that we enjoy. Tell us your favorites and we will run out today and sample one.  Continue reading

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Decidedly American Dishes and Where to Find Them in Dallas

offsiteby Steven Doyle

There’s nothing better than America’s overabundance of cheesy, greasy, sugary treats. Here are some of your favorites that you might be surprised to find out were born in the USA and where to find them locally. Continue reading

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Bring on the Pups to Truck Yard October 5th


On Saturday, October 5, gather your best friend (of both the canine and human variety) and get to the Truck Yard for the fun-loving bar’s first ever “Best in Yard” Dog Show. Throughout the day, good times will abound, with food, drinks, adoption opportunities and dog-related art. And, while all dogs are good dogs, there will be an unusually cute contest to see which dog reigns supreme in Dallas. Continue reading

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Lowest Greenville Cools Down Big D


Summer is just around the corner, but you don’t need a calendar to know that it’s getting hot outside. For many, the rising temperatures means hiding inside with the A/C blasting. But not everyone is so fortunate. So, to assist the community, Lowest Greenville is hosting a fan and window unit drive benefiting Adult Protective Services.

By donating a box fan, window unit or cash money, you can help senior citizens in Dallas who are currently living without air conditioning cool off during the hot summer months. Here’s what you need to know. Continue reading

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Redneck Bottle Service At Truck Yard For Limited Time

Watermelonby Steven Doyle

Our favorite adult playground is at it again, this time with giant watermelons and zero shame. The same spot off Greenville Avenue who makes the best cheesesteaks in Dallas is offering up a fun option for some end of summer love. Behold: the Redneck Bottle Service. When I first saw the headline in my email inbox I was thinking 40’s of Schlitz. No, this is so much better.

On August 18-19 all day until they run out, the Truck Yard is offering “Redneck Bottle Service.” Basically, they’re tapping whole watermelons with a pour spout and loading them up with Espolon tequila and orange liqueur. Combine that with the watermelon juice, and you’ve got a fruit keg full of electrolytes. And tequila.  Continue reading

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Truck Yard and GAPCo Collaborate

truck pizza.jpg

Two of Dallas’s favorite restaurants have joined forces for a collaboration that will rock the local food scene… or at least make people really full and happy. See, Greenville Avenue Pizza Company and the Truck Yard have been tinkering, and after many hours in the lab, they’re ready to share their experiment with the world. Continue reading

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