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Pure Milk & Honey: A lighter approach to ice cream

Cindy Chung (Alex Gonzalez).jpgby Alex Gonzalez

A new type of ice cream shop is now open in Mockingbird Station. Instead of sugar, Pure Milk & Honey serves ice cream sweetened with honey for its soft serve and sundae offerings. Pure Milk & Honey was created by Cindy Chung, who was inspired by her to open a dessert shop after her international expeditions.

Prior to opening Pure Milk & Honey, Chung was working as a land woman in the oil and gas industry. Continue reading

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7 Amazing Ways To Get Chilled in Dallas

ice cream galsby Steven Doyle

Ice Cream has been a perennial favorite of Americans since the beginning of our history and beyond. Thomas Jefferson had an elaborate recipe for his ice cream that took hours and twenty ingredients to create.

Continue reading

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July Fourth Family Traditions


The 4th of July has become a widely loved holiday among Americans. And I mean, what’s not to love? Family, friends, barbecues, beer – the list goes on and on. Some of these Independence Day food traditions seem so quintessentially American, but surprisingly, not all of them actually are. Here are some common 4th of July food traditions and how they started. Continue reading

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Resolutions Be Damned, We Have Seven Places To Cheat In Dallas

pie ladyby Steven Doyle

The new year is here and you have made those beloved resolutions that will keep you fit and happy straight through bikini season.  One problem, you have already cheated. And you will most likely continue to cheat. And we seriously have no problem with that.

The sole reason you should be here reading this is because you appreciate a fine meal and a night out on the town. We do too. To facilitate the inevitable we bring you seven delicious ways to break those resolutions.  Continue reading

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11th Annual Austin Ice Cream Festival Aug 12th


The 11th annual Austin Ice Cream Festival has been announced for Saturday, Aug. 12 at the beautiful Fiesta Gardens along Lady Bird Lake.

The family-friendly festival will entail a day of fun in the sun with ice cream and frozen treats from local favorites and national brands. The event will start at 11 a.m. and end at 10 p.m. and feature various activities throughout the day for all ages, such as frozen treat sampling, savory local food trucks, adult beverages, numerous contests and activities including an ice cream eating and frozen treat making competitions, lawn games, a dunk tank, rock wall, DIY water gun station, an after dark movie in the park, and so much more.  Continue reading

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Star Wars Ice Cream Will Force Your Tastebuds to Awaken

starwarsby Adam Campbell-Schmitt

There’s no shortage of Star Wars product tie-ins on the shelf as the much-anticipated Episode VII The Force Awakens hit theaters this month. Almost any item can be emblazoned with a character from a galaxy far, far away, whether it’s cosmetics or coffee creamer. If you’re wondering whether that’s overkill, then I find your lack of faith disturbing. Perhaps the only downside of being a Star Wars fan right now it that we’ll have to wait a long time between the sequels hitting movie theaters, but in the meantime we can binge on one particularly sweet Star Wars treat: Ample Hills Creamery’s The Light Side and The Dark Side ice creams.

The Light Side is comprised of a marshmallow ice cream base, with crispie rice clusters and a sprinkling of cocoa crispies to represent the Dark Side lurking in the shadows. The Dark Side is the mirror image, featuring the darkest chocolate ice cream the shop has ever produced, along with espresso brownie bits, cocoa crispies and white chocolate pearls which prove there is still good within even the darkest ice cream. If loving chocolate represents the Dark Side then consider me a Sith Lord. The ice cream comes in a plastic packaging that is washable and reusable, so collectors have something to keep even after gorging themselves like Jabba the Hutt.  Continue reading

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Why You Should Not Eat Blue Bell Ice Cream In Dallas

ice cream galsby Steven Doyle

The big news hitting the streets of Texas is that Blue Bell is making its comeback in a very large way after experiencing a disaster which affected the health of many people. Although the ice cream is still only available in limited areas in Texas, places like Pokey-O’s, which makes a dreamy ice cream sandwich using homemade cookies and a selection of Blue Bell, actually made a trip to Austin to procure enough ice cream to sell a dozen of the sandwiches Thursday night (September 3rd) for sale to benefit the North Texas Food Bank. The ice cream sandwiches will set you back $25 each.

For those wishing to find Blue Bell, as it has been blasted across the media, you will soon have all the flavors you have come to enjoy at a store near you.

Charity aside, we are going to make a very unpopular stance: Blue Bell Ice Cream just isn’t that great. Especially considering the competition. We made a list of places in the DFW area that should be on your ice cream licking list. Go local! Continue reading


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