What Pie Did I Enjoy On National Pie Day? Amberjax Key Lime!

pieby Steven Doyle

To celebrate National Pie Day I published a list of some of our favorite pies in the Dallas area. However, after compiling the list it left me hankering for a slice of my very own today. After perusing my list I thought of even more recent pie sightings, and it occurred to me that I left off a very important slice. So I loaded up and headed towards Trinity Groves where Amberjax owner Larry Williams prepares pie all day to keep up with demand.

There are several sweet pies listed on the chalkboard with a few surprises on occasion, but nothing satisfies like a slice of Key Lime when dining on seafood. Perhaps this tradition started in Key West where seafood and limes are abundant, as is this delicious pie.     

DSC09383Larry Williams and Karen Simmons-Williams

Now when I think of key Lime Pie, I am reminded of Season 3 of Dexter and the episode called Easy as Pie. Dexter is comforting a dying family friend who said she would not die until she had the perfect slice of Key Lime Pie. Subsequent visits Dexter brings her various slices of pie, some that are the odd shade of green. We know that Key Lime should not really be green, just as pistachio ice cream should not be green as well.

Amberjax pie is the real deal, and is a pleasant shade of cornsilk white.  The flavor is tart and inviting. A slice awaits you.

“You finally brought me the perfect pie,” Camilla tells Dexter before she finally passes.

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