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Eat Me: TJ’s Yacht Club Burger

tj3by Steven Doyle

Do you feel the Earth rumbling just a tad? It could be that the annual craveDFW burger list is making its way to you very soon. The journey is long and arduous, filled with Kraft slices and pre-formed burger patties that have long expired in the depths of their freezer banks. But then there are the gems, the holy grail of burgers. Not many, maybe a dozen in toto found around our fair city. These are the burgers we hold dear, and we love to share with you month in and out. And we plan not just one list but two. One for chef driven restaurant burgers, and the other will be filled with burger only restaurants. Fun! Continue reading

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Key Lime Pie At Dunston’s Offers A Great Bite

dunston pieby Steven Doyle

Last evening I made an unscheduled visit for a steak and baker at Dunston’s. I have written about this Dallas gem several times, and it is a certain local institution. With two locations, Lovers Lane and Inwood as well as a larger version on Harry Hines, the steakhouse provides haunches of beef  and baked potatoes for a slim cost, and also have a prime version at a fraction of what you might find at one of the tonier restaurants across the city.

Keep in mind, this is no-frills dining. There are no pretensions of glitz to be found, just a solid plate at a price that is as easy to swallow as its prime rib.   Continue reading


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What Pie Did I Enjoy On National Pie Day? Amberjax Key Lime!

pieby Steven Doyle

To celebrate National Pie Day I published a list of some of our favorite pies in the Dallas area. However, after compiling the list it left me hankering for a slice of my very own today. After perusing my list I thought of even more recent pie sightings, and it occurred to me that I left off a very important slice. So I loaded up and headed towards Trinity Groves where Amberjax owner Larry Williams prepares pie all day to keep up with demand.

There are several sweet pies listed on the chalkboard with a few surprises on occasion, but nothing satisfies like a slice of Key Lime when dining on seafood. Perhaps this tradition started in Key West where seafood and limes are abundant, as is this delicious pie.      Continue reading

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