“You Ate My Plums, Now Write Me A Poem” Contest

plumby Steven Doyle

There is a famous poem by William Carlos William that discusses purloined plums that sat in an ice box eaten at their prime by a remorseful significant other. It has been said that not much thought went into this very brief poem admittedly by William, but you can sense the remorse in the words that the plums were so delicious that he no doubt wished he had shared the experience.

Following is the original 1936 poem, followed by an imagined chef’s rendition. What we want you to do as an amazing contest is to think of a chef or a restaurant in Dallas or Fort Worth and write what they might say in this poem. Anyone can enter, including said chefs. Write your poem in comments.   

The winner will receive a giant stack of new foodie books, at least ten in total. A panel of craveDFW judges will award the prize based on wit or charm, or a combination of both. ALSO, Jasper Russo at Sigel’s Beverages said that he will add a bottle of Neyers Cabernet AME 2009 for the winner of the contest.  $80 value. Good luck!

I have eaten
the plums
that were in
the icebox
and which
you were probably
for breakfast
Forgive me
they were delicious
so sweet
and so cold
Here is how we imagine the same poem going down for the owners of Pecan Lodge:
I have eaten
The sausages
That were in the smoker
And which
Many people
Are waiting in line for
Forgive me
They were delicious
And spicy
And so warm

Good luck!

still life by Brunella Neri



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23 responses to ““You Ate My Plums, Now Write Me A Poem” Contest

  1. slade

    I’m plum tired of this f*cking snow.

  2. Nicole T

    I have eaten
    Exotic items
    Flown from faraway lands
    Taken from jungles, deserts, mountain tops
    And delivered to our shores and sands

    Forgive me
    For they delight the palate
    Drive you out of your mind
    They are how great meals are defined
    Truffles, caviar, and even foie gras
    One taste will have you utter,
    Voulez-vous coucher avec moi?

  3. James

    I ate
    the best burger
    as told by crave
    and Off Site Kitchen
    is now in my belly

    forgive me
    it was delicious
    so warm
    so juicy
    go get your own

  4. Todd Breyer

    I have
    eaten the Pho
    leftover from
    last night
    when we went
    to Da Lat


  5. I have eaten the que
    That you were
    Too damn lazy
    To cue up for.
    It was delicious.
    I know. I cooked it.
    Fuck you,
    Fuck you very much.

    Jack Perkins

  6. Mike the Winner

    I have eaten
    the pizza
    because you
    were late

    Cane Rosso tastes better
    when I eat
    the whole thing

  7. Mary Francis

    You ate my plum
    You lousy bum
    I was going to make a tart
    You ate my plum
    You rotten scum
    Have you no heart
    But I forgive
    You miserable sot
    Because I hid
    An apricot.
    So now I’ll bake
    My apricot tart
    And put it on
    My pastry cart.
    Which I will hide from
    You (you old fart)
    : )

  8. Kim

    I have eaten
    the marrow
    thick on my tongue.

    I spread it violently
    without regret
    on toasted slices of bread
    and thought
    maybe I’ll have another.

    Forgive me
    for leaving a trail of bones
    and fernet tears of joy
    on my way out.

    (Roasted bone marrow. Boulevardier)

  9. Christiane Roehrborn

    I have eaten
    the brisket
    that was rubbed
    with beans of Coyote
    which was intended
    to tickle my fancy.

    Forgive me
    I savored it greatly
    so tender
    and juicy.

    (A poem to The Slow Bone brisket)

  10. Markie Mark

    Sure I ate
    the plums
    and the left over
    steak from Nick and Sams
    but I also ate
    the one slice
    we had left
    from Serious
    it was big

    and it is true
    I ate
    the dumplings
    from Tanoshii
    and the half eaten
    sandwich from Jimmy’s
    and the growler from Luck
    and the flowers from FT33

    but you probably
    didn’t notice the missing
    lobster left from Al Biernat’s
    and the chicken from Sissy’s
    or the enchilada from Komali

    we have got to stop eating out so much
    I am full

  11. brandi r

    I have eaten
    the doughnuts
    that were
    at Glazed
    and which
    your NY resolution
    says you can’t have.

    Forgive me
    they were delicious
    so sweet
    and so full of calories

  12. brandi r

    I have eaten
    the Monkey King
    you drove
    in the snow to get
    and which
    you abandoned
    to take a call

    Forgive me
    it was delicious
    so comforting
    in this awful weather

  13. Shelley

    I mysteriously ate
    all the fries
    at the bottom of the bag
    on the way home
    from Whataburger

    I only ate the ones
    that fell to the bottom
    unfortunately it was
    all of them

    they were so warm
    and salty
    and tasted good
    with your chicken sandwich

  14. Miranda Campbell

    I drank
    the Mambo Taxi
    that you left
    at the bar
    while answering your phone
    to speak to your ex-girlfriend

    no need to forgive me
    it had lots of tequila
    and it was cold
    I also left
    with the guy next to me
    please pay the tab

  15. Cindy Ireland

    You ate my plums?
    what the hell
    were you thinking, child

  16. Susan Peppler

    My name is Sneaky Sue,
    I’m terrible, mean and vicious
    I steal all the cashews from the mixed-nut dishes…
    I eat all the icing but won’t touch the cake,
    Only leaving finger prints of my mistake,
    And what ya won’t give me I’ll go ahead and take,
    I love to gobble up the cherries from everyones drinks,
    And whenever there is sausage, i
    I eat a dozen links,
    I guess thats pretty awful but what can I do?
    Did ya forget I’m a sneaky Sue…
    I eat well…

  17. I have eaten
    the kale
    that were in
    your salad
    cause which
    you were hoping
    in a smoothie

    Get over it
    it’s only kale
    so delicious
    and so nutritious

    Visionary visit to Raw Food & Juice

  18. TLS

    I have eaten
    1/16 of a fish
    with my hands
    There are no sporks

    The next aisle
    Nuts in a paper cup
    Apple juice

    Heading to check out with three pounds of nuts
    I stop for a cracker
    Forgive me
    I only needed toilet paper

  19. I have Chowchowed
    the Oyster
    that was in
    your Taco
    as that
    Friseed my
    Bread and Butter
    and Sweet Tamale

    Forgive me
    you Dirty, Deviled

    But she was a
    Prickly Pear
    That needed to be

    Ode to Stampede66

  20. We have winner(s). The committee that was assigned to select today’s winner had a difficult task. The vote was so close that they decided to SPLIT the prizes since there are two. One winner gets the valuable and tasty wine, and the other gets the box of delightful foodie books we have been hoarding. Here is how they decided (and I had no vote):

    Markie Mark gets the books and Nicole T receives the wine from Sigel’s. We will notify the winners via email and inform them how to pick up their loot.

    THANK YOU for playing. Many more fun contests coming. We have enormous prizes set for this year.

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