Pecan Lodge Begins Construction In Deep Ellum

pecan lodgeby Steven Doyle

Most of the barbecue loving public in Dallas knows some of the very best exists in the Dallas Farmers Market where you most often must wait in line for several hours to procure the lush brisket and very meaty ribs. It is time well spent communing with fellow passengers on the path to enlightenment. Pecan Lodge is a religious experience.

Word has spread like wildfire that Pecan Lodge is moving into new digs at 2702 Main Street in Deep Ellum. This has two very far reaching effects. First, you will no longer be waiting in line for barbecue (we assume). The new larger space will house far more than just slices of savory brisket, fried chicken and that giant haunch of pulled pork infused sweet potato, the Hot Mess. You will be allowed a beer or cocktail with your ‘cue, and there will be event space for those unruly holiday parties. And the menu will stretch its culinary legs and offer much more than the standard Pecan Lodge fare.   


The second effect that will be felt is the loss of Pecan Lodge at the soon to be updated Shed Two at the Dallas Farmers Market. With the new updates and additions planned Pecan Lodge will be sorely missed, but the space should still hold some interest.

Today we receive word that Diane and Justin Fourton, owners of Pecan Lodge, have begun their construction project and are donning their hard hats. Look for the Deep Ellum version of Pecan Lodge to open late spring or perhaps even the summer of 2014. For all the barbecue loving fans we pray for little lapse in service. We all need a Hot Mess now and again.


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