Hot Dallas Foodie TV Action This Weekend

starkby Steven Doyle

There are a few Dallas-based television opportunities that are well worth checking out. The first offers a local chef on Cut Throat Kitchen. The second is the locally produced program that bounces around the city scoping out the best restaurants. Lets check these out.

Cutthroat Kitchen features four chefs faced with three cooking challenges. Each challenge gives the chefs a type of dish to create, expecting them to refine the dish to high culinary standards within a limited amount of time.  The typical time allotment is only 30 minutes for cooking, after 1 minute of acquiring ingredients from a pantry.  After the dishes are prepared, a guest judge evaluates each dish and the chef with the worst dish is eliminated. In the first two challenges after the chefs have acquired their ingredients, the host presents a number of sabotage elements that are put up for auction to the chefs. The player winning the sabotage items can use it on the other chefs.   

We have seen a few local chefs on Cutthroat Kitchen including Tiffany Derry (she won), Kitchen LTO’s Eric Shelton (railroaded with a tackle box) and the Sundown at the Granada’s Patrick Stark (left holding the French Toast).Stark is now exacting revenge this weekend.  If Chef Stark wins, proceeds will benefit Stark’s  Mohawk Militia to create awareness about the dangers of GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms), and to persuade the U.S. Government to enact legislation that requires labeling of all products containing GMOs.

Sundown at the Granada is hosting a watching party at the restaurant February 23 at 9pm. Look for for hot cheffy action and drink specials to boot. Stark was drawn for TV.

pat green on local fare

Also, look for Local Fare, the TV show created by Free Range Concepts (Kyle Noonan/Josh Sepkowitz) airs every Sunday at 9:30pm on CBS’s KTXA (Ch 21). This weekend, legendary musician Pat Green will be on the show.  Fellow business partner (The Rustic) and close friend Noonan and Sepkowitz, Green will give his review of three different restaurants – Rodeo Goat and Pacific Table in Fort Worth and Mia’s Tex Mex in Dallas. This should definitely make for good television.


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