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Do Phony Restaurants Taste Better? (Contest)

by Steven Doyle

Time reminds us that restaurants have become ever more popular in television as in real life, so we decided to think of as many fake restaurants that we could come up with that have been featured on television or a movie.  For the older crowd maybe the first you can think of was when Aunt Bee pulled out $400 from savings to open Bee’s Restaurant on the Andy Griffith Show.  Or a few generations later perhaps Arnold’s Drive In run by the future Mr. Miyagi on Happy Days.

Whatever your age or proclivity for television, we can almost bet that there is a fake restaurant in the midst.  Are we right Jerry Seinfeld (Monk’s)? Continue reading


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9 Food Scenes We Love

Annie-Hall-Lobstersby Steven Doyle

Television and the movies often rely on familiar subjects to engage the viewer, and certainly food has historically been a large part of that device. From the very beginning of movie history with Charlie Chaplin doing his table ballet in Gold Rush, to the many films produced in recent history such as Danish film Babette’s Feast, Chocolat, or the very erotic Nine and a 1/2

Below we share clips from several television programs and films that feature a memorable food scene There are actually many more that come to mind and we will most likely do a part two in the near future. You can share your favorites with us for a fun afternoon. Continue reading

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Hot Dallas Foodie TV Action This Weekend

starkby Steven Doyle

There are a few Dallas-based television opportunities that are well worth checking out. The first offers a local chef on Cut Throat Kitchen. The second is the locally produced program that bounces around the city scoping out the best restaurants. Lets check these out.

Cutthroat Kitchen features four chefs faced with three cooking challenges. Each challenge gives the chefs a type of dish to create, expecting them to refine the dish to high culinary standards within a limited amount of time.  The typical time allotment is only 30 minutes for cooking, after 1 minute of acquiring ingredients from a pantry.  After the dishes are prepared, a guest judge evaluates each dish and the chef with the worst dish is eliminated. In the first two challenges after the chefs have acquired their ingredients, the host presents a number of sabotage elements that are put up for auction to the chefs. The player winning the sabotage items can use it on the other chefs.    Continue reading

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Local Fare To Feature Louis Canelakes This Weekend

louiesby Steven Doyle

Local Fare, the TV show created by Free Range Concepts (Kyle Noonan/Josh Sepkowitz) airs every Saturday at 5pm on CBS’s KTVT (Ch. 21). This Saturday is a special re-airing of episode one in honor of Louis Canelakes, our dear friend who recently passed. Louie’s is profiled on this first episode.

Creator, Kyle Noonan says, “One thing I have learned is people who will be truly happy in life are those who have found how to serve others and Louie lived his life by that mantra.  He was both an inspiration and a friend and he will be dearly missed.”


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Two Dallas Restaurateurs Produce TV Program “Local Fare”

bowlby Steven Doyle

Last night we were invited to pre-screen the upcoming television premier of a locally produced foodie show call Local Fare. This is the media foray of restaurateurs Kyle Noonan and Josh Sepkowitz who own a Bowl and Barrel, Mutts and the soon to open The Rustic, which will be this amazing music venue in Uptown Dallas.

The television program will air on Saturday at 5 p.m. on KTXA 21 (CBS), then replay Sunday at 9:30pm. The show revolves around three invited guests who are not related to the restaurant industry or media. These are average people that have a single thing in common they love restaurants. During the program the trio of guests discuss their favorite restaurants and visit them as a group. After each visit they discuss and rate their meals.  Continue reading


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Chefs And Food Enthusiasts Casting Call Today

chefby Steven Doyle

Calling all chefs and food enthusiasts. Now is your chance to grab some of that 15 minutes of fame that’s been burning a hole in your pocket.  You can be on a television program to be shot locally in Dallas next week. The premise is you go into a restaurant as a new hire. They will have a basic script for you to follow, but otherwise no acting skills are necessary.   Continue reading

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