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Full Circle Tavern Goes Toque to Toque With Jonathon’s On Food Network

florenceby Steven Doyle

Food Network is very secretive about upcoming episodes that are being filmed, or are awaiting premier. But a glance at upcoming episodes gives us a glimpse into what’s for dinner very soon. As you might be aware, Tyler Florence has been spending plenty of time in the Dallas area taping the latest for his television program, Food Court Wars.

Local participants have all signed waivers, including some who have acted as judges for the program, and are not able to speak freely just yet.  Continue reading

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Hot Dallas Foodie TV Action This Weekend

starkby Steven Doyle

There are a few Dallas-based television opportunities that are well worth checking out. The first offers a local chef on Cut Throat Kitchen. The second is the locally produced program that bounces around the city scoping out the best restaurants. Lets check these out.

Cutthroat Kitchen features four chefs faced with three cooking challenges. Each challenge gives the chefs a type of dish to create, expecting them to refine the dish to high culinary standards within a limited amount of time.  The typical time allotment is only 30 minutes for cooking, after 1 minute of acquiring ingredients from a pantry.  After the dishes are prepared, a guest judge evaluates each dish and the chef with the worst dish is eliminated. In the first two challenges after the chefs have acquired their ingredients, the host presents a number of sabotage elements that are put up for auction to the chefs. The player winning the sabotage items can use it on the other chefs.    Continue reading

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Tiffany Derry On Cutthroat Kitchen This Sunday

tiffany_derryby Steven Doyle

Tiffany Derry is back on the tube again, this time with Food Network’s Cutthroat Kitchen which is scheduled to air at 9pm central standard time. There have been several chefs as of late make an appearance on the program which pits the talent up against each other in a battle for a prize that can be significant or meager depending on how much they spend to sabotage the other contestant.

In each episode, four chefs are greeted by show moderator Alton Brown with a briefcase filled with $100,000 in cash and, each contestant receives $25,000 to spend over the course of the game on auction items to help themselves or sabotage their competitors. After each cooking challenge is given, chefs have sixty seconds to gather ingredients in the pantry and then regroup for an auction to bid on culinary curveballs such as the exclusive use of salt or not allowing their opponents to taste their dishes.

A chef will be eliminated after each of the three rounds, and the last competitor to survive wins the money they have left in their bank.     Continue reading

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Meet Aaron Sanchez At Truck Park September 26

aaron-sanchezby Steven Doyle

Cacique, which has a line of Hispanic cheeses, chorizos and creams in the United States, celebrates its 40-year milestone by launching the Cacique 40th Anniversary Food Truck initiative in partnership with the Hispanic Scholarship Fund (HSF), the nation’s largest not-for-profit organization supporting Hispanic higher education. The Food Trucks, featuring Cacique products, will tour key cities to raise funds in celebration of the anniversary, with 100% of the profits to be donated to HSF. The effort will be led by and Food Network Chef Aarón Sánchez.

Menu items created by Sánchez will sell at $5-$6. Menu choice items include the delicious Cotija Crusted Quesadilla, Three Cheese Salad, Tostadas with Cacique Chorizo and Chile de Arbol Salsa and Shrimp Aguachile Tostaditas. Continue reading


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Rathbun Bros. On Chopped August 11

kentby Steven Doyle

When Chef Kent Rathbun was on our radio program a few weeks ago he mentioned that there would be some Rathbun’s on Chopped very soon and to keep an eye out for that. We just received notice that not only was he on Chopped, but he appeared once again with his brother Kevin Rathbun. You probably remember when this family force was together on the Food Network last time. They kicked Bobby Flay’s butt on Iron Chef. Kent also told us some fun stories about that on our program as well.   Continue reading


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craveRADIO: June 21, 2013

radio2by Steven Doyle  photos by Robert Bostick

Last week on craveRADIO we had chef Kent Rathbun in the studio to talk about his various restaurants including his flagship Abacus, Jasper’s and Rathbun’s Blue Plate which is located in Preston Center. The chef said he is currently looking for real estate to place another Jasper’s in North Dallas, which would certainly make a welcome addition to any neighborhood.

We also got a behind the scenes look at Iron Chef, and Rathbun discussed his victory over Bobby Flay. He mentioned that there may be a Rathbun on an upcoming Chopped on the Food Network (go, Kevin!)

We hope to have Kent back in the studio very soon as he had to dash off to a cooking class at Abacus. He actually slipped out in the middle of his Dirty Dozen class to pop by for this visit, and we certainly thank him for that.         Continue reading


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