Texas Burrito Company Hits The Streets Of Dallas


by Steven Doyle

I want to like food trucks. We have a small handful of very good trucks, but for the most part Dallas is bereft of the really good stuff. I would love to see some incredible ethnic trucks like the ones found across the country. I enjoyed East Side King in Austin run by Paul Qui that jams out fried potato noodles with pork and kimchi stew, mapo tofu chili, a pork melt and a pork chop sandwich. Dallas does have good trucks but would love to see more ethnicity to help stand out in a sea of burgers and pizza.    


Last weekend I checked in to a new truck, Texas Burrito Company, run by several guys who own other trucks including The Butcher’s Son, Gandolfo’s, and the glorious ic cream truck called What’s the Scoop. The name of the company who owns the trucks is Two Tucks, LLC. Guess they weren’t planning on the whole expansion thing, but they run an excellent business and have been extremely successful.

The newest truck specializes is huge Tex-Mex burritos, street-style tacos, bowls and salads. One of the best menu items includes an on-cob elotes, a spiced up ear of corn covered in crema, queso fresco and spicy spice stuffs.



Follow the new truck on Facebook for locations and times.

Oh, and if you spot the ice cream truck, this is what you might expect:



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