Ian Tate Named Exec Chef At So&So’s

tateby Steven Doyle

After a quick and unexpected closure of Primo’s in December, a pair of local restaurateurs snapped up the location and will soon open their new concept, So&So’s. Brandon Hays, part of the group that owns Standard Pour has partnered with Phil Schanbaum, formerly of Sfuzzi. No word on menu or drinks, except that he has hired the talented chef Ian Tate, formerly of Komali and Salum.   

I spoke to both Tate and Hays today and both stated that the food concept is still in a bit of flux as they finalize the menu. Both said that they will most likely release more information next week. Hays stated that the cocktail menu would be decided quickly, and said that he was looking at several options to help develop the menu. Hays said they would definitely be serving some top local brews, but that was not the emphasis.

Chef Tate comes with some amazing credentials, and we should expect a spirited menu from his side of the house.

Look for more information on So&So’s as it filters our way.

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