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Lake House Bar & Grill Hosted Herman Marshall Dinner


by Alex Gonzalez

Last Wednesday, Lake House Bar and Grill, located by White Rock Lake, hosted a whiskey pairing dinner, with food prepared by Chef Ian Tate (So & So’s, Nova). The whiskey, which was provided by Herman Marshall, was served in the form of various cocktails and paired with each of Tate’s dinner’s four courses. Whiskey is not for the weak, however when paired with strong, flavorful dishes, it goes down pleasantly. Continue reading

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Ian Tate Named Exec Chef At So&So’s

tateby Steven Doyle

After a quick and unexpected closure of Primo’s in December, a pair of local restaurateurs snapped up the location and will soon open their new concept, So&So’s. Brandon Hays, part of the group that owns Standard Pour has partnered with Phil Schanbaum, formerly of Sfuzzi. No word on menu or drinks, except that he has hired the talented chef Ian Tate, formerly of Komali and Salum.    Continue reading

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Ian Tate Named Exec Chef At Both Salum and Komali

Ian Tate Headshotby Steven Doyle

Ian Tate has been named Executive Chef of Salum and Komali restaurants in Uptown. Chef Tate’s DFW experiences have included helping to open the Brownstone in Fort Worth as well as Rathbun’s Blue Plate Kitchen and was former executive chef of Nova. The announcement was made by chef-owner Abraham Salum.  Ian has worked in restaurants from New Orleans to Natchez and was formerly with the Four Seasons Hotel in Washington DC.    Continue reading

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Nova’s New Menu Dressed To Impress

by Steven Doyle

It has been a while since we dined at Oak Cliff’s Nova where chef Ian Tate has created a new summer menu to reflect on available meats and produce. Nova is known for its late night pizza and powerful cocktails, but for many it is also a great brunch and dinner spot.

Last night we were looking to try the new dishes that chef Tate has come up with. The chef has a large Louisiana influence and it reflects sometimes in his dishes. This means bold flavors and rich plates such as his crab claw appetizer, but the chef also has a light touch in other offerings such as his new ham and fresh peach pizza.    Continue reading

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Chefs Giving Back

by Steven Doyle

Chefs and restaurant industry people in general are the most philanthropic people you will ever meet. Save a few network stars that have high end books deals and their faces slapped on every kitchen appliance ever made, these people are not wealthy. At least not in the traditional sense of the word. But hold any sort of fund raiser and try to envision the event without a chef on board. Difficult to do.

The fact of the matter is these restaurants and chefs donate their time and often their product for these events, often giving up time on their days off and actually paying other employees to assist with the project. These are definitely the most philanthropic people I know.       Continue reading


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