Wine and Grilled Cheese Pairing at Cork Wine Bar Tonight

DSC03783by Steven Doyle

Stop by Cork Wine Bar tonight in West Village for a unique wine and cheese pairing, grilled cheese that is.  Cork is teaming up with Ruthie’s Grilled Cheese tonight for five in interesting wine and grilled cheese pairings from 7- 9pm.

The line up includes a Lone Birch Gewurtztraminer or Swallow Pinot Noir paired with “The Classic”, Alias Chardonnay or Boxhead Shiraz paired with “The Turkey Trot”, Birichino rosé or Domaine Pierre Guindon Cabernet Franc paired with “Italian Hippie”, Bucci Verdicchio or Ca’ del Baio Nebbiolo paired with “Pizza Please”, and Amizetta Sauvignon Blanc or Manos Negras Carmenere paired with “Reuben the Great”. This all sounds like plenty of fun, and very tongue in cheek.   

We also notice that there is a free wine tasting tomorrow night from 6 to 7pm where guest can enjoy Birichino Rosé, Birichino Malvasia Bianca, Birichino Grenache, and Birichino Pinot Noir. These free tastings are a fun way to meet people and develop your wine palate.



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  1. Is this free or is there a $?

  2. Pretty sure you will need to bring your purse.

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