The Next Kitchen LTO Chef Is Brooke Egger

brookby Steven Doyle

The next Kitchen LTO chef is the talented young lady from California, Brooke Eggers.

Brooke Egger was first suggested by the current LTO chef, Eic Shelton. They both competed on Food Network’s Cut Throat Kitchen, and Egger has now flown to Dallas three times to perform tastings for the chef gig. Egger comes from a long line of butchers dating back to the 1600′s, and there are still Egger Meat Markets in Washington, Idaho and Oregon.

Egger claims to make the very best burger, which includes tarragon, sherry and “other elements”, and uses a Norwegian cheese to top off the special meat blend, along with a Tennessee mustard slaw with a tarragon cream and a salted brioche bun. Egger also has her own line of culinary war in the works.   

In a previous interview Egger said she would love to move to Dallas, and winning the LTO spot would secure that decision.

The current executive chef, Eric Shelton’s last day is Sunday brunch June 1st. The restaurant will close Monday, June 2nd and reopen for lunch and dinner service on Tuesday, June 3rd (with weekend brunch starting that week as well). Chef Brooke Egger says her proposed menu is “Pacific northwest meets California cuisine with a hint of world flare”. She continues, “ I use minimal ingredients for flavor forward food with an exciting and adventurous twist.”

Here is how the winning phone call from LTO owner Casie Caldwell took place:

Casie: So do you have hat and cattle?

Brooke: Um, I have a hat and boots. (thinking to myself, wtf)

Casie: Well you better get some cattle because you’re on your way to Texas!



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