Moose Report: Brass Knuckle Challenge At Libertine

IMG_6728by Alex “Moose” Perez

It should come to no surprise that I would write about a food competition, one that I hold very dearly to my heart. Three years ago, I was sitting at The Libertine Bar on Greenville Ave when I was handed information about this Brass Knuckle Challenge. Upon reading it further, and knowing that I was eager to get my first food competition out of the way, I quickly learned it was a corn dog eating competition at The Libertine. This was my first food competition that had me hooked from that point on, and one that I eagerly look forward to each year.   IMG_6749

May I present to you, the 6th Annual Brass Knuckle Corndog Eating Challenge to be held at none other than The Libertine Bar off Greenville Ave. Last year, fellow eater and friend Nathan Biller was able to not only win with 26 wolfed corn dogs, but was able to smash the record for amount of corn dogs at The Libertine. As a witness last year to Biller’s feat, I was able to see the destruction of his take-down. This year should be no different from last year for those attempting and willing to accept the Brass Knuckle Challenge.

The challenge, like every year, will be held on the 4th of July at approximately 7pm on Friday. The Libertine will also host a kids corn dog eating challenge to be held at 5:30pm just before the Brass Knuckle Challenge. There will be a dunk tank for those not willing to eat corn dogs but wanting to cool down from the heat outside. Prizes will be awarded for the top three places for Brass Knuckle Challenge.


The challenge, unlike many others, will last for 15 minutes. The first person to gobble down as many corndogs will be named the victor. First and second place will receive a $100 and $50 gift certificate respectively, and third place will receive a $25 bag-o-quarters. The entrance to this competition is free but limited, therefore if you’re wanting to sign up, the time to do it is now.

Aside from the competition, The Libertine serves up some very delicious gastro pub style food besides the amazing list of beers on tap and bottle.

The Libertine Bar | 2101 Greenville Ave, Dallas | 214-824-7900


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