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Celebrate National Corn Dog Day with Fletcher’s Corny Dogs​ (March 19)

Join Fletcher’s Original Corny Dogs at a pop-up at Knox Street’s Pop-Up Park located at 3311 Knox St. – just steps away from The Katy Trail – on Saturday, March 19 from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Fletcher’s will be onsite with their 22’ mobile kitchen selling Corny Dogs Funnel Cakes and Lemonade. 

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Opening Day of the State Fair of Texas

18_bigtexcom_640x480_food2.jpgby Steven Doyle

Today is opening day at the State Fair of Texas. We will be bringing you reports of all the sights and sounds of the of the 3-week event. We have a few highlights of what to look for today, and hope your time spent at the great State Fair of Texas is a joyous one for you and your family and friends. Continue reading

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Celebrating a $5 Lunch And So Much More

gumboby Steven Doyle

A $5 lunch is difficult at best to come by unless you are thinking fast food, and even then you would be hard pressed to find much at all. The good people at Lovers Seafood have come to the rescue today. Let’s take a look.

In celebration of National Gumbo Day Lovers Seafood is serving up their delicious gumbo for a mere five bucks – all day. That is a bargain, but is there more? Continue reading

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State Fair of Texas Announces the 2017 Big Tex Choice Awards Semi-Finalists


It’s that time of year again! State Fair concessionaires are ready to debut their latest and greatest edible creations to the public. Following in the footsteps of last year’s success, the 13th Annual Big Tex® Choice Awards returns bigger and “batter” than ever. Whether your palate craves a “down home” delicacy or prefers a dish worthy of the name “holy guacamole,” this year’s assortment of tasty treats will not disappoint. Fair fans can now get a taste of the competition from beginning to end with an exclusive glimpse into the preliminary rounds of this annual event. Continue reading

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Moose Report: Brass Knuckle Challenge At Libertine

IMG_6728by Alex “Moose” Perez

It should come to no surprise that I would write about a food competition, one that I hold very dearly to my heart. Three years ago, I was sitting at The Libertine Bar on Greenville Ave when I was handed information about this Brass Knuckle Challenge. Upon reading it further, and knowing that I was eager to get my first food competition out of the way, I quickly learned it was a corn dog eating competition at The Libertine. This was my first food competition that had me hooked from that point on, and one that I eagerly look forward to each year.    Continue reading

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