Dollar Oysters and Absinthe at Driftwood

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What is the best oyster deal in town? There are some really good prices this season at a variety of restaurants, but so far the dollar blue points at Driftwood beats them all. The deal is only available at the new bar, and not valid on weekends, but for a dollar this is something truly wonderful to holler about.

While you are at the bar, check out Michael Martensen’s new set up with his absinthe drip stations. Oh, you recall absinthe, the mysterious liquor that was banned for so long in this country for its evil and suspicoius hallucinogenic prowess.  Absinthe is an anise-flavored spirit derived from botanicals, including the flowers and leaves of wormwood.   


The chemical compound found in the wormwood, thujone (present in the spirit in only trace amounts), was blamed for its alleged harmful effects. By the early 1900’s absinthe had been banned in the United States and across Europe. Although absinthe was disparaged, it has not been demonstrated to be any more dangerous than ordinary spirits. Recent studies have shown that the absinthe’s psychoactive properties have been greatly exaggerated. The harmful effects were quite possibly brought on by the use of opiates, which were legal and quite common at the time. In 2007 the laws were changed in the US, and in 2011 the EU followed.

More recently bartanders have taken up with the spirit, and have been using it once again in cocktails. Have you ever had a Sazerac?

The most common way to prepare a glass of absinthe is the Absinthe drip. By slowly adding iced water to the absinthe it produces a rich and creamy drink. By the use of an absinthe spoon it is also easy to add sugar to sweeten the drink if you should desire.


To check out the uniquely flavored spirit, check into Driftwood, and ask them to show you the drip system, and go for one of the more unique cocktails you will ever experience.

Driftwood | 642 W Davis, Oak Cliff | 214.942.2530


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