Celebrate The Free Man’s Third Anniversary Tonight

by Steven Doyle

The Free Man celebrates its third anniversary tonight in grand style. The notorious house band, the Freeloaders will play from 7 to 10pm, followed by Roomsounds from 10pm until 2am. John Jay Myers just updated his menu a bit adding some interesting plays on his usual family Cajun recipes.

Standouts on the new menu items include several extremely tasty pasta dishes with one very exceptional vegetarian version, a sandwich with slow cooked brisket and a surprise fried egg center, and these amazing brisket sliders set atop the very best cornbread you will ever taste.  Then there is the new dessert. Cheesecake can seem a bit boring, but not at the Free Man where it is homemade, creamy and light, and given the bacon and caramel treatment for one kicked up happy ending. If you try nothing else, go to Free Man for the cheesecake. And those sliders.   



We spoke to Myers recently and he was beaming with excitement over the anniversary party. In reference to his food Myers said that his kitchen wasn’t for the hipster cool guys, but everything is freaking good. “We’ve got great food, a nice little atmosphere, and we have fun. That is what it is all about,” said Myers.

The Free Man is a safe haven for musicians from around Dallas and Fort Worth. They know they can rely on a good gig as Myers has live music pretty much as soon as the doors open.


For its third anniversary Myers rolled out seven new menu items, and is working on a patio situation, as well as some other cosmetic changes for the restaurant.

Free Man is located at 2626 Commerce in Deep Ellum. Call  214.377.9893 for more information.


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