What’s Eating Your Phone?

phoneby Steven Doyle

Each week we beg the question, “What’s Eating Your Phone”? This is where we all can join in on the foodie fun by sending in your latest dining photo that has you all jazzed. These are not necessarily limited to dining out, it can be from that last dinner party. And don’t think we discriminate against libations. Send in your favorite cocktail photo, too.

To be included in a future edition of What’s Eating Your Phone, send those photos to me at steven@cravedfw.com. A brief description and location would be super helpful. Here are this week’s selections:  


Jenny Pruett reminds us that it has been entirely too long since we have been to that hidden gem on NW Highway, Bugatti. She recommends the mushroom soup.


John Markett shares his popover from The Zodiac in Neiman Marcus. Generous, and yes, delicious.


A burger doesn’t have to be enormous, filled with frilly vegetables, or even pretty to be absolutely tasty. This burger is sent to us by Chris Powell and was taken at Dairyette in East Dallas.


Rhonda Dutton sent in her dinner from the new LYFE Kitchen where she apparently vegged out with a tall glass of iced tea.

old world

Ben H. reminds us that there is still something terrific to eat in Shed Two at the Dallas Farmers market. This is the homemade Italian sausage  from Old World Sausage Company.


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