Take the Candy Bar Quiz

by Steven Doyle

On the confectionary scale of life, the lowly chocolate bar that is available at grocers, gas stations and convenience stores everywhere scores fairly low on the grand scale of treats. In Dallas we have some fine chocolate makers including Dude, Sweet Chocolate, CocoAndre Chocolatier and opening August 19th, Kate Weiser whose shop will be located in Trinity Groves. But the actual largest seller worldwide still stands the mighty Nestle’s, regardless of the quality.

As an impulse buy for someone needing a pick-me-up in the afternoon, or a chocolate hoarding fiend that doesn’t require much on taste or quality will find the average  bar satisfying.  

We are not sure where you might stand with your over-the-counter knowledge of chocolate, but we invite you to take our CraveQuiz to find out how much you know about some of these familiar (and a few not so familiar) brands. Some are more obvious than others. If you get stuck we can reveal hints. This is purely for exhibition, no wagering. Note that one of these might require you to be bilingual, or from south of the border.

Candy Bar A

Candy Bar B

Candy Bar C

Candy Bar D

Candy Bar E

Candy Bar F

Candy Bar G

Candy Bar H


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5 responses to “Take the Candy Bar Quiz

  1. Not that into candy any more. I’m thinking bar e is a Peter Paul Mounds, but I’m not sure.

  2. Dan H

    A – 100 Grand
    B – White Chocolate Snickers (not even sure if that’s a real thing)
    C – Whatchamacallit
    D – Butterfinger
    E – I cheated and tried looking it up. I don’t want to cheat so i’ll say BL just to see if my research was good.
    F – Kit Kat
    G – Heath Bar
    H – Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream thing

    I’m a big foodie and not very into sweets but I love candy bars. Pretty sure I passed this quiz.

  3. Denise

    a. 100k
    b. Zero
    c. Whatchamacallit
    d. Butterfinger
    f. Kit Kat
    g. Heath
    h. Zagnut

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