Kolache Loving Bohemian Cafe To Open On Greenville Avenue

bohemianby Steve Doyle

In the not too distant past 1905 Greenville Avenue was the home to Ali Baba. There you were able to sit down in the smallish digs to a nice plate of kabobs and a hummus. Since then the restaurant has turned over a few newer restaurants, including Jack’s Southern Comfort who was not able to make the space work either due to its size, or parking concerns.

There is no doubt that within two or three blocks north of 1905 there is a hot bed of action going on, with the anchor of Trader Joes, The Truck Yard, and beautiful restaurants such as Nora and Teppo Yakatori. We love the food and rooftop at HG, and everything about the Blind Butcher. There is promise of more to come, even for that lone space at 1905. In a matter of weeks Bohemian Cafe will open in that spot, with the promise of Texas and Czech, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner from east Dallas resident Jason Horne.  


The main thrust will be kolaches. If you follow their Facebook page you can follow them checking out other similar restaurants, one most notably located in West, Texas.  They will also be baking fresh breads, sourcing local ingredients.

The Bohemian Cafe will also be a “hotdoggery” (always loved that term), and they will be using locally roasted Noble Coyote coffee.  All this and live music to boot. What a fantastic addition to the neighborhood. The owners anticipate deliveries by September 6, 2014, and a grand opening by Ocotober 13th.

Dallas does have a sick obsession with kolaches, so Bohemian should do quite nicely in this location. Welcome to the neighborhood.



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  2. A great new addition to Greenville Ave. Where else can you hear live music and eat kolaches?

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