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Take the Candy Bar Quiz

by Steven Doyle

On the confectionary scale of life, the lowly chocolate bar that is available at grocers, gas stations and convenience stores everywhere scores fairly low on the grand scale of treats. In Dallas we have some fine chocolate makers including Dude, Sweet Chocolate, CocoAndre Chocolatier and opening August 19th, Kate Weiser whose shop will be located in Trinity Groves. But the actual largest seller worldwide still stands the mighty Nestle’s, regardless of the quality.

As an impulse buy for someone needing a pick-me-up in the afternoon, or a chocolate hoarding fiend that doesn’t require much on taste or quality will find the average  bar satisfying.   Continue reading


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Midnight Ramen Redux At Ten Bells This Saturday

ramen1by Steven Doyle

Ramen is the hot new topic on the lips of local food types. It is the perfect food with house-made noodles, a rich steamy broth, meaty pork belly and hopefully a wonderful poached egg. Just a few weeks back local chef from Lucia, Justin Holt, hosted two nights of ramen at  a few Oak Cliff night spots. I just received a text from the chef saying he is pumped about another night of ramen at Ten Bells Tavern this Saturday night, March 9, 2013.   Continue reading


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DaLat Soft Opening April 18

by Steven Doyle   photo by Irene Huang

Friend of craveDFW and bridge keeper over at the blog Chomp!, Irene Huang send us news that she has already sampled the pho over at the soon-to-open DaLat which is located on Fitzhugh in the former RedFork space. She has high regard for the Vietnamese soup and said that she worked up room for not one but two bowls during a preview dinner at DaLat.   Continue reading


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Soup Dumplings are on at Royal China

by Steven Doyle

In search for a bit of comfort food as the temperatures start drifting southward, I was reminded that one of my absolute favorite treats are the delightful mouthful bites called xaio long bao, or lovingly referred to in the West as a soup dumpling. Pros will simply say XLB. However you order them, first timers to the dumpling always shout as they take their first nibble.

XLB’s are traditionally made with pork and a gelatin made up of stock that when steamed inside the tiny bun release their full juiciness.    Continue reading


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Stalking Julie Powell Part Deux

by Steven Doyle

On slower days such as this we like to turn to Facebook for amusement. Nothing charms us more than a look-see through Julie Powell’s Facebook wall where she offers daily quips and anarchy. You may recall Powell from the book Julie and Julia, with the subsequent film of the same title.

She describes herself on Facebook as such: “I may be a narcissistic whore, a libidinous shrew, and a defiler of the institution of marriage, but other than that I’m really a very nice person.”

Stalk on with us as we filter through some of her updates.  Continue reading

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Soups On! At King’s Noodles

by Steven Doyle

The temperatures are still fairly high, but definitely a relief from the boiling 100+ degrees we endured this Summer. With thoughts of Fall weather in our heads we can start planning our diets to fit cooler times.

One of my favorite restaurants in the Dallas area is a tiny shop in Richardson called King’s Noodles. Spartan, tiny and often crowded, delicious are a few words to describe King’s.  Continue reading


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