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Take the Candy Bar Quiz

by Steven Doyle

On the confectionary scale of life, the lowly chocolate bar that is available at grocers, gas stations and convenience stores everywhere scores fairly low on the grand scale of treats. In Dallas we have some fine chocolate makers including Dude, Sweet Chocolate, CocoAndre Chocolatier and opening August 19th, Kate Weiser whose shop will be located in Trinity Groves. But the actual largest seller worldwide still stands the mighty Nestle’s, regardless of the quality.

As an impulse buy for someone needing a pick-me-up in the afternoon, or a chocolate hoarding fiend that doesn’t require much on taste or quality will find the average  bar satisfying.   Continue reading


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Facebook of the Semi-Famous

by Steven Doyle

For those that know me well understand that I spend an inordinate amount of time on Facebook when I probably should be working. I do not watch television ever, so it relaxes me, plus I get some decent information from a variety of people.

I started reading the Facebook wall of Julie Powell, a Texan that now resides in New York City and is the author of Julie & Julia that was later made into a motion picture. For those living in Oklahoma, Powell used Julia Child‘s cookery book Mastering the Art of French Cooking as a basis for a blog and spent an entire year making every recipe listed.

Since the movie, Powell has written another book called Cleaving: a Story of Marriage, Meat, and Obsession, which details her love for butchering and also her affair.  Continue reading

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True Widow’s Nikki E Still Rocks Me

by StealingKitty

Give me that dirty southern rock n roll only this time, make it edgy and sexy and clean. This is how I found True Widow  and their bassist Nikki Estill. The trio, which has called their sound “Stonegaze”, lives up to the epic title of their most recently released album, “As High As the Highest Heavens and From the Center to the Circumference of the Earth”. This album features Nikki’s sultry voice on several of the songs along with singing in harmony with the bands lead Dan Phillips.
In between gigs, rehearsals, and Nikki’s day job of making up glamour dolls as a make up artist, I caught up with Nikki to find out more about this amazing bassist with this haunting voice you will never forget.  Continue reading

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Six Arms to Hold You: Three Dallas Artists Embrace the Female Body

by Crave Staff

Ro2 Art is proud to present Six Arms to Hold You, bringing together three Dallas artists in a thought-provoking exploration of the female figure.  Local contemporary artists John Gonzales, Cathey Miller and Joey Seeman present diverse visual interpretations of women through a variety of media. The art event will take place on Saturday, June 11, from 7 to 10 p.m. at The Aloft Hotel in Downtown Dallas, located at 1033 Young Street.  A silent auction of small works will take place to benefit Promise House at the opening.

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The Modern Golden Rule

Photo by Steve Visneau


My fiancé and I are getting married in less than a month.  Normally, we mess around a little before we go to bed, but lately he started bringing sex toys (nipple clamps) into the mix.  I’m a virgin and he’s not, so this kind of thing bothers me a bit.  I’m not a prude, but at the same time I’m just not ready to do certain things when we haven’t even had sex yet.  Maybe once we do, I’ll feel comfortable enough to experiment, but right now I’m not.  I’m starting to think there’s another sexual side to him that I don’t know about.  How do I handle this before I say, “I do?

Virgin Bride Continue reading


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Ask Toni: Top 10 Signs That You’re Dating The Modern Married Man

Photo by Steve Visneau


Help!  I started seeing this guy that I met out a month ago.  Something about him doesn’t quite add up.  I’m starting to think he might be married.  It’s kinda awkward to bring it up out of the blue.  I need proof.  What are some signs to watch out for?

Possible Home-wrecker Heather Continue reading


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