Remedy Opens In December And Announces Chef Line Up


Remedy, created by Elias Pope (owner of HG Sply Co.) is a neighborhood restaurant/bar that will serve chef created American cuisine. Opening late November/early December of this year at 2010b Greenville Ave, chef Danyele McPherson will serve as executive chef with Guillermo “GMO” Tristan serving as executive pastry chef. They are teaming up to bring a menu that is all about ‘back to basics’ but with polished technique.

McPherson says, “ This is food everyone has eaten before – the idea is not completely foreign – you have a memory of eating it as a child. We are taking familiar and simple ideas and executing them at what we hope is the highest level possible. We want to take these familiar food items and turn them into refined dishes. Remedy is not about sourcing exotic ingredients, it’s about sourcing the best ingredients possible and making the best fish sandwich, BLT, grilled cheese, pork chop, pot pie etc that we possibly can. The menu is inspired by food my mom would make when I was growing up. We will also be serving a rotation of vegetarian dishes. It’s important to me that there be something for everyone at Remedy.”

The pastry program, which includes homemade pies and ice cream sundaes is headed by chef Tristan. Classics like peach pie, coconut cream pie and rotating sundaes will be just as focused as the food menu. Tristan explains more, “This is a simple pie and ice cream menu – no cakes. Pies will be made fresh daily. The pie program will be truly seasonal and flavors will change often. Three sundaes will stay on the menu all of the time, with three rotators based on flavors we are working with at the time. All of our sundaes are named after someone important in our lives. This is our way of paying homage to people that helped us along the way.”

Owner Elias Pope says, “The concept has changed significantly since I first started working on it. What I thought was a restaurant heavily weighted toward the 1900’s explosion of the soda fountain has evolved into a personal lesson in early American hospitality. Thanks to our incredibly talented and dedicated team, we were able to convert my limited vision into a much more well-rounded experience. When you are able to travel coast to coast with someone as talented as Danyele, eating ice cream at Salt&Straw in Portland, Fried Bologna at Aw Cheval in Chicago, and sipping on Phosphates at The Franklin Fountain in Philly, you quickly realize the possibilities in front of you.” Pope emphasizes, “The soda fountain was just as much about texture as it was flavors. We want to create an experience that puts as much weight into the ingredients in the glass as we do the ingredients on the plate .”


About Danyele McPherson

Calling Dallas home since 2008, Danyele McPherson has worked with some of the most talented and innovative chefs in the city. Working as a sous chef at Stephan Pyles, she rose threw the ranks alongside Chefs Matt McCallister, Tim Byres and Stephan Pyles himself. In 2011, she took the reigns of The Grape, one of the most storied restaurants in the city of Dallas. As chef de cuisine, she created a monthly changing seasonal menu and honed her skills in classic French technique under the tutelage of Chef Brian Luscher. She joined Living Hospitality Group in March 2014 and has quickly taken over as creative culinary influence of HG SPLY CO and will assume the role of executive chef at Remedy.

Her culinary focus is largely influenced by her childhood in North Carolina. Growing up in Waynesville, NC did not afford the opportunity to try out exotic new foods, but eating home cooked meals with her family gave her a solid foundation of homegrown, classic American favorites. The cultural inflections of the South East can be seen in her simple dishes like hushpuppies, braised greens and rice based dishes like hoppin’ john and perlau. While raised in the South East, her Mom and Dad grew up in Ohio and taught her how to appreciate the simplicity of Midwestern staples like boiled potatoes with butter and parsley, fresh sweet corn and fried bologna sandwiches.

At Remedy she is using the familiar food memories and flavors of her childhood and bringing the best produce and proteins Dallas has to offer to compliment their simplicity. Taking cues from her youth she is taking the crave-able flavors of home and recreating them in the Remedy kitchen.


About Guilermo “Gmo” Tristan

Guillermo “GMO” Tristan, was born in Houston and raised in Dallas, with strong working class roots and family who instilled in him (by his mother and grandmothers spanning from Mexico to Texas) to serve the hungry.

His grandparents always made enough to feed a few extra people who showed up at every meal. Never having the heart to turn away a hungry soul, his family always made enough to stretch what they had to give an empty stomach a hot meal. This was one of the most important lessons in his life- how a meal made from love helps another. These nostalgic moments and contagious laughter, observing the women in his family harmoniously cook together. It was his grandmother and aunts in Mexico that showed him how to cook and eat the best possible ingredients at every meal, educating him about the local markets in Queretaro, Mexico and selecting the freshest produce, meats and cheeses.

He really began cutting his teeth in 2005 when he was asked to work in Montauk, NY under Chef John “Okie” Jones. There he began to understand the basics of working the modern kitchen. With Okie guiding and training him on all stations, he was able to apply this wealth of knowledge when he moved back to Texas. From Lakewood Country Club to Kitchen 1924 to Cock and Bull, it was at Charlie Palmer at the Joule where his passion for pastries was managed by Chef Ruben Torano. After three years, Chef Scott Romano promoted him to banquet chef. Under Chef Romano’s wing, GMO began cooking on a vast scale for the hotel and refining his palate. In 2012, he left the Joule and headed to his neighborhood of Oak Cliff where he was sous chef under Chef Nathan Tate at acclaimed Boulevardier. In February of 2014, GMO started working at FT33 under the helm of Matt McCallister. GMO is now executive pastry chef at Remedy.

chef photos provided by Kevin Marple



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