Chefs for Farmers Rocked the Oyster Last Night

26_2014_10_CFF_Oyster-369-Editby Steven Doyle   photos by Robert Bostick

The hottest ticket in town last night was definitely the Chefs for Farmers Oyster Bash which took place at the Dallas Farmers Market in Shed One among plenty of farmers, and a smattering of chefs.  A few hot restaurants like Knife, TJ’s Seafood Market, The Grape, Stock and Barrel and Gemma represented as wine flowed and revelers danced and paraded through the big Shed as they enjoyed grilled oysters, oyster stew, a clam bake and even seafood stew loaded with plenty of seafaring critters prepared by host Matt McCallister.

Iris McCallister is definitely one of the city’s most gifted event coordinators, and certainly prepared a wonderful evening. The idea actually sprang from the thoughtful mind of Michael Martensen, co-owner of both Driftwood and Proof and Pantry, each known for the oyster prowess.   

Although the city of Dallas frowned upon the notion of serving hundreds of raw oysters, the chefs stepped up with the  cooked versions that were extremely pleasing.

Chefs for Farmer’s mission is modest: to highlight some of the area’s best chefs and raise awareness for local farmers and artisans through a series of composed events. What started out as an intimate, long table dinner on a farm has transformed into a casual, outdoor food, wine and spirits festival. Stay tuned for information on their annual gala event.

Check out what we saw last night.

26_2014_10_CFF_Oyster-892-EditMatt McCallister and Jimmy Contreras


26_2014_10_CFF_Oyster-378The Tesar crew

26_2014_10_CFF_Oyster-601-EditTrina Nishimura and Brian McCullough

26_2014_10_CFF_Oyster-278TJ’s Thai Char Broiled Oysters

26_2014_10_CFF_Oyster-110The Mav’s Drumers

26_2014_10_CFF_Oyster-217Sarah Snow and Brian Luscher from the Grape

26_2014_10_CFF_Oyster-549Jon Alexis and Rare Edible’s owner Borz Azarian at the TJ’s booth

26_2014_10_CFF_Oyster-399-EditThe Gemma plate with grilled oyster and grassfed beef tartare was the judges favorite


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