Meet Pastry Chef Sarah Strain From “Eat My Cake”

cake2by Steven Doyle

Meet Sarah Strain who owns Eat My Cake. Sarah makes cakes. Seriously super delicious cakes that are too beautiful to eat, but when you do there is little regret. To say Sarah is more artist than pastry chef would be demeaning, because she excels at both. You can’t find her cakes in any shop, for now the pastry chef works out of her professional studio in Exposition Park and takes orders via email and Facebook.

This may seem unusual, but it works for Sarah. And it works for her clientele who come back for more, even conjuring up occasions to celebrate with her cakes. She has been operating her business for two years and worked as a party chef for seven. 


We had a chance to meet with Sarah this week and she surprised us with a very special cupcake to sample. This one was made with a local craft beer, the Peticolas Velvet Hammer. She calls this particular cake the Red Velvet Hammer, as she should. This particular cupcake was moist with an earthiness gained from the hops in the brew. She enjoys working with beer and spirits, and said she makes one hell of a black and tan, using Guinness Stout and Bass Ale. The cake is made up of a Bass yellow cake and a layer of Guinness chocolate cake. Absolutely brilliant.

Her cake/bartending skills are spot on, but also think of Sarah when it comes to those beautiful artistic wedding and other special occasion cakes. She does particularly well with logos for corporate needs, and seems playful when it comes to animated character, many from her own imagination.

DSC09517red velvet hammer cupcakes!

You will want to eat Sarah’s cake for the holidays. Use this link to add her on Facebook, or drop Sarah a line via email. at to place your order.






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  1. slade

    and a very sweet girl to boot

  2. I ordered two cakes today!

  3. I’ve been a crazy fan girl for her cakes for a couple years now. I can promise you they taste as good as they look. (Though fondant is always gross, never get fondant. 🙂

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