Eat More Pie: National Pie Day

by Steven Doyle

Good Morning USA! It is National Pie Day and we want to celebrate with you all day by offering up a slice or two for you to enjoy. There is some confusion as to which national day is the true pie day, so we celebrate both just to be safe. We believe today to be the real deal and saved a few good slices for all to enjoy. Here are some of our favorites in no particular order.   

Norma’s Cafe has several locations in Dallas and they are all offering free pie today. No other purchase required, just pie in all it’s mile high glory. Best go now while supplies last.

Smoke has some pretty terrific pies that will always make the list, especially the Mescal & Key Lime Meringue Pie. Go forth and dine on pie.

The Original Fried Pie Shoppe is located at the foot of the Arbuckles in Davis, Oklahoma.  You may have seen this spot advertised while passing Turner Falls. The lone shop hand makes these amazing pies all day long with fruit, nuts, cream, or a whole host of meats including hand held chicken pot pies. The lines are typically enormous. Now you can buy these pies locally at Baker’s Ribs.  Same pies, different location.


bowl and barrel pie

I picked up a whole pie from Bowl and Barrel recently for a tamale-making party I was invited to. The butterscotch pie was the rage, and now I get more invites – as long as I bring this pie. You can go in sample a slice any time without a party invite.

The official Pie Lady of Dallas is Shannon Arnold Foltz of Just Pie who has won her share of Fair Pie Contests. She also has tiny shops scattered across the North Texas including her official headquarters in West Tawakoni, but we have also spotted her at various markets including Shed Two at the Dallas Farmers Market.


The recently opened Remedy makes a few pretty awesome pies. I know they have more pies besides the coconut, but I cannot seem to get past this on.


And our absolute favorite is this pizza pie from Dough Pizzeria.

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