Tesar Joins Oak As Chef Partner


Following recent media reports, Chef John Tesar (Knife, Spoon) and restaurateurs Richard and Tiffanee Ellman are setting the record straight and announcing that Tesar is joining Oak restaurant as a Chef Partner, overseeing the kitchen while leading and training the culinary team.

“We are confident that this partnership will bring to Oak the experience we have always wanted to offer,” says Richard Ellman. Expect to see new menu items by mid-February.  

Tesar’s role with Knife at The Highland Dallas will not alter in any way. Says Tesar, “You’ll continue to still see me there plenty and Knife will continue doing the incredible business that it has been doing, ensuring every customer has a great experience. We love being at The Highland and nothing about that will be any different.”

“There is really no more detail to share right now, so we’re just going to put our heads down and get back to the work at hand. This is business, not a soap opera,” states Tesar.


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4 responses to “Tesar Joins Oak As Chef Partner

  1. Bill

    So who takes over at Knife will be the question?

  2. He isn’t leaving Knife

  3. Bill

    I guess I should have said who is he going to get to help at Knife

  4. Looking forward to the new ‘business, not soap opera’ approach … Oak has been disappointing, so change is good.

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