Restaurant Openings This Week

luscherby Steven Doyle

There are a few key restaurant openings this week that you should take note about. There are several.

Luscher’s Red Hots is located in Deep Ellum at 2653 Commerce, and will, of course, feature those amazing dogs hand crafted by Brian Luscher, owner of The Grape on Greenville. This long awaited hot spot also serves up shaved Wagyu beef Italian sandwiches (the latest rage in Dallas), Greek gyros, roasted pork and gairdinera sandwiches served with natural gravy, and the beloved “Uncle Jimmy” which is a creation of Luscher’s made with roasted pork and sweet and hot Italian sausage.   

In addition to the handmade dogs an sausages, you will find what looks to be one amazing burger. Luscher opens at 11am today.


Truluck’s opens tonight and will be serving up the same wonderful stone crabs that have made this Texas born restaurant so very famous. The new restaurant is located on McKinney Ave in Dallas and replaces the recently demolished restaurant in what is now a parking lot for the brighter and very much larger version.

The Florida stone crab is usually fished near jetties, oyster reefs or other rocky areas, just as for blue crabs. The bodies of these crabs are relatively small and so are rarely eaten, but the claws, which are large and strong enough to break an oyster’s shell, are considered a delicacy. Harvesting is accomplished by removing a single claw from the live animal and returning it to the ocean where it can regrow the lost limb.

Trulucks also serves up steaks and other dishes, but is best known for the crab claws (best eaten with a mustard sauce), and some incredible desserts. Think chocolate malt or the carrot cake that can easily be shared with several hungry adults.


Braindead Brewing is another Deep Ellum addition located at 2625 Main St. Here you will find house crafted beers, plus a selection of the owners favorites made by other craft brewers. Owners Sam Wynne and Jeff Fry have assembled a great group of people including their head brewer Drew Huerter (formerly of Deep Ellum Brewing Co) and the head chef  David Pena who will be doing his take on Texas cuisine. Pena will be making everyting possible in house, including his own bacon.

Look for a complete story on Braindead tomorrow, Tuesday, March 2, when they open their doors.

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