Of Little Goat Pies And The Perfect Pasta

DSC06935by Steven Doyle

Last week we announced that Richard Blankenship was the new top toque at CBD Provisions at the Joule downtown. I had an occasion to stop in last night for a bit of sustenance and spotted the chef doing what he does best, leading the kitchen much like an orchestra leader might with his baton. As is typical, CBD was at capacity and without reservations we wee relegated to bar seating, which was absolutely perfect since my clan was not in for the full meal deal, rather to pluck a few items from the menu before embarking onto a few other choice spots in the area.  

Perusing the menu it all seemed familiar, which was more than excellent since we all had our eyes set on the little goat pies which are these flaky and extremely buttery tiny pies brimming with cabrito courtesy of local purveyor Windy Meadows. We were told the goat was given a confit treatment, which would explain the high impact of flavor and tenderness. At a mere six dollars, this is a super treat that everyone at the table should enjoy solo before moving on to one of the heartier dishes played out on the menu.



cbd provisions

An epic choice off the menu is the House Made Strozzapreti, packed with chanterelles, sunchokes, soffritto, soothed with a grating of fresh cheese, and adorned with a soft farm egg. The pasta is reminiscent of cavatelli, and is typical of Emilia-Romagna, which is home to Ferrari and the king of cheeses, Parmigiano Reggiano. In Emilia the Strozzapreti dough is made from flour, water, Parmesan cheese, and egg whites, all beaten together, which would explain it’s firm bite backed with a certain airy loftiness.



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  1. Bill

    Those goat pies are quite good

  2. That little pie is my favorite.

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