Twisted Root Now Has House-Made Veggie Burgers (Video)


Twisted Root recently announced a new menu item for its vegetarian and vegan friends. It’s a burger that consists of black beans, ground chick peas, flax seeds, brown rice, quinoa and some delicious seasonings. And unlike many restaurants that phone in their veggie-friendly burger offerings with frozen or pre-made patties, Twisted Root is making their veggie burger in-house daily, so customers get a fresh, tasty and healthy meal that will fill them up.

Before now, vegetarians and vegans who visited Twisted Root could enjoy salads and a couple side items, but the better burger restaurant wanted to ensure that all patrons could fully enjoy the Twisted Root experience. And that means getting a hot, freshly made burger for lunch or dinner. 

“We’ve always tried to make the best burger we can, and that same mentality applies to our new veggie burger,” said Jason Boso, proprietor and chef of Twisted Root Burger Company. “We really put a lot of thought into the recipe so that our vegetarian and vegan customers, as well as anyone who wants to mix things up, can enjoy a healthy meal that doesn’t taste like compromise.”

The veggie burger costs $5.99 and is available now at all Twisted Root locations.


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4 responses to “Twisted Root Now Has House-Made Veggie Burgers (Video)

  1. Rachel

    There’s no video…. I love this burger and was hoping to make at home. Maybe the video can be real inked?

  2. The video is there for sure.

  3. alexandra

    The video looks like it’s there but it does not actually play. I would like to know the recipe as well. It is one of the better veggie burgers I’ve had.

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