Popsicles Are The Latest Rage, Here’s Where To Find the Good Ones

popsicleby Steven Doyle

Far removed from the hot Texas days when we would bust out the sprinkler, or walk to the local creek-side watering hole to cool off, which usually ended with a cold Popsicle treat. Sometimes these were homemade versions on a stick, other times they were purchased. Today you can get back that loving feeling and reminisce with flavors that are a bit kicked up, and sometimes meant strictly for adult palates.  The Popsicle is definitely the latest rage. We found a few in Dallas that you will want to sample.  


CocoAndre is located at 831 West Davis in Oak Cliff. The cute chocolate shop is operated by a sweet mom and daughter team that together have plenty of talent, and now are offering kicked up paletas hand dipped in dark or milk chocolate (or just plain) while you wait. The fun treats on a stick come in four flavors including one super delicious coconut version that when dipped in the smooth dark chocolate tastes much like a Mounds bar, only frozen and so much better. These sticks will set you back a mere $3 each.

steel city

Steel City Pops is located on Greenville Avenue, and they offer some unusually delicious adult flavors such as an avocado, cucumber lime, and even one laced with hibiscus. You can find the bars made with cream, or simply a load of fruit. Our favorite pop is the blood orange, which has specs of rind for an unbelievable flavor blast. The lines can be long, but they flow quickly. At $3 a bar you will find these inviting as temps soar into the triple digits.  You may buy these in bulk at a discount, and have them carefully wrapped in ice to take home. Look for a new Garland location opening soon.

Another way to cool off with more adult notions is to grab a handful of Social Ice’s winesicles. These are popsicles made with wine, and are for those 21 and over only. You can find these at a few locations in the Dallas area including The Rustic, Green Grocer and Two Corks in a Bottle.  There are some fun flavors including margarita, sangria grape, mimosa range, and strawberry daiquiri .


Dallas based Pop Star Handcrafted Popsicles provides unique and delicious popsicles made with only the best all-natural, organic and local ingredients to its loyal DFW customer base. You can find these each week at the Coppell Farmers market, and the White Rock Local Market. They also may be found at Green Grocer and North Haven Gardens.

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