Max’s Wine Dive Does A Summer Menu Redo

max4by Steven Doyle  photos by Joey Stewart

The most interesting thing about Max’s Wine Dive, besides the outrageously delicious pairing of champagne and fried chicken, is that each of the handful of restaurants smattering the Texas dining landscape have a talented chef and allow them free reign on half of the menu. In Dallas we have chef Patrick Russell. Russell is originally from Dallas, and attended the New England Culinary Institute in Vermont. He has fantastic culinary peers including Alton Brown, and locally Abraham Salum.   


Chef Russell recently devised a new menu that has caused a bit of excitement locally, and the chef said he is having a bit of fun. On the new menu you will find a revamped yet reprised chicken fried lobster served with a jalapeno sweet corn waffle and parsley butter. It may come off a bit gimmicky, but trust us when we highly recommend the dish. It had us licking our chops for the last tender morsel.

Also find new appetizers such as the Waco-based Pachi Pachi cheeses and “fried nothing”. The latter is giggly good deep fried dollops of jalapeno spiked batter.

fried nothingfried nothing


On our adventure to the Dallas Max’s we enjoyed the new 2-pound rack of St Louis style ribs that are large, meaty and zesty. For those wishing for a bit of conformity,  order up the bountiful roasted chicken chicken served with polenta fries.

As usual, Max’s has an extensive wine list that should be taken very seriously, and a beer list that could use a nudge more towards local but still solid.



Make way to Max’s while the chicken fried lobster still waits your approval.

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