Soon to Open 18th & Vine BBQ Partner with Chef Scott Gottlich


Husband and wife duo Matt and Kimi Dallman announce a partnership with acclaimed chef, Scott Gottlich for 18th & Vine BBQ.  The Kansas City barbeque full-service restaurant and bar will open this fall 2015 at 4100 Maple Avenue in Dallas across from Crow Holdings’ Old Parkland business offices.

During the 1930’s and 40’s, the cross streets of 18th & Vine was the heart of the Kansas City jazz district and barbeque. Historically, Kansas City provided the perfect culinary melting pot for barbeque, bringing together Texas beef and Southern Pork through the railroads and stockyards. Pit master Matt Dallman explains, “Barbeque, cooked low-and-slow became the perfect entrée of choice for all-night jam sessions.” He grew up in Kansas City with a deep love and appreciation of barbeque.  

Dallman , who married a Texas girl 12 years ago, Kimi,  missed barbeque that tasted like home. Through the gentle prodding of his wife, he found a smoker and decided to learn everything he could about smoking meat. He has been catering barbeque for 10 years, but really developed his craft through the BBQ competition circuit and competing in events like the American Royal.


Through mutual friends, Matt and Kimi Dallman met Gottlich and explained their passion and true love for the art of barbeque. The couple spoke of their convictions and thoughts regarding what they were hoping to accomplish while serving a sampling of Dallman’s barbeque right off the smoker. Gottlich says, “They talked about the rich history of 18th and Vine in Kansas City; and the possibilities of combining great music and incredible food served in a unique way.” The food Dallman presented to Gottlich was different than barbeque he grew up eating.  It was nicely plated and presented with more thought than Gottlich had anticipated. The ribs – he says were “mind-blowing”.

After poring through several book recommendations from Dallman, Gottlich realized a new passion for the art and history of barbeque and began to envision a new collaboration between a pit master and a chef – something that could take the cuisine in a new and interesting direction while still honoring the purity of barbeque and traditional smoking techniques.

Gottlich says, “I never would have thought barbeque would be my next project, but it’s like it was meant to be.  I’m ecstatic to be involved with something that is so different than anything I could have ever contemplated and to be a part of a group that isn’t afraid to break the mold and push the envelope.”

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