CraveDFW YouTube Channel is Alive!

Film-Directorby Steven Doyle

We have partnered with a local film company that is making new videos for craveDFW. Joey Stewart is a noted Indie Film Maker who also owns Big D’Licious which has created our first round of shorts that feature an  unusual variety of bartenders from the Dallas area as they show us their favorite cocktails. We will be filming some chef videos very soon, and place them up on our new YouTube channel each week.   

If you have a fantastic idea for a unique video that features a local restaurant industry worker, please send them our way. We are totally stoked to bring these to our readers each week.


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5 responses to “CraveDFW YouTube Channel is Alive!

  1. When can we see some content?

  2. Sam S.

    When will there be something other than how to make a drink no one drinks? zzzzzz

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