Resto Gastro Bistro to Host 44 Farms Dinner October 29th

44 farmsby Steven Doyle

It has been about a year since I last visited the people at 44 Farms. You most likely recognize the name from the many top quality menus that feature their beef. They feature the beef for good reasons. Such as the fact that 44 Farms refuses to use hormones for their grass fed beef, and have strict quality control over their herd. It is also important to know where your food is grown and how it is handled. The transparency makes a world of difference. 

This is exactly why these great restaurants take advantage of this marvelous source of beef. Explains Bob McClaren, fourth-generation owner of 44 Farms, “Each chef was searching for a source from which they could acquire high-quality Angus beef from a reliable Texas ranch. They each visited 44 Farms, where they saw our Angus cattle and were able to see first hand the care that we extend to the cattle and the land. We shared a meal with each chef and the relationships have grown from there.”

Resto Gastro Bistro has been using 44 Farms as a quality source of beef, and is planning a tasting of a variety of cuts at one very special dinner they are hosting October 29th at 6pm. Guests will be treated to a huge menuf beefy goodness at a bargain price of $55 per person and a $75 upcharge for wine pairing. The menu is below, and you will agree for the price this is quite a deal.  Make your reservations by calling Resto at 214.584.6747.


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