Untapped Rocked Dallas

Entering Untappedby Maria Mejia

We were excited to attend Untapped Fest’s first foray into Fair Park November 5th – a beautiful fall day perfectly suited for festival fun. The location was ample enough to comfortably host over a hundred breweries and the throngs of “hoppy” attendees!

With over 200 beer choices we were pleased to find the Metroplex well represented by more than 20 local breweries. In addition there were delicious food options from the likes of Common Table, Meddlesome Moth, and the particularly popular Urban Crust. 

Lakewood Brewery Enjoying the show

A particular treat was catching up with Revolver Brewmaster Grant Wood. He passionately discussed the his efforts to support Texas microbreweries as we blissfully sipped Revolver’s Blood & Honey.

Multiple stages provided music through the afternoon, leading up to a performance by homegrown favorites Flaming Lips which did not disappoint. The eruption off color and confetti capped a perfect day of fermented festivities!

A tip: get there earlier for the best selection. The many enthusiasts had tapped dry a number of popular selections before the headliners took the stage.

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