betterBURGER Has A Good Burger, But Oh Those Fries

by Steven Doyle

When you title your restaurant betterBURGER you are tossing down a gauntlet in a city that is obsessed with their beef.  In the past year dozens of burger joints both gourmet and otherwise have opened their doors. It has been a fairly safe bet in the Dallas restaurant industry that burgers sell.

I met one of the owners, Vincent Vitalis, who was more than enthusiastic to chat up anyone who happened into his clean, tidy shop located on Lemmon just west of Inwood road. Vitalis is not necessarily new to the restaurant business.  He comes from a family of entrepreneurs that successfully run local stops such as the Original Market Diner on Harry Hines (think best breakfast and incredible pie) as well as Circle Grill in East Dallas (chicken fried steak and other home cooking fare).          

When speaking with Vitalis you will get this sense that he cares about what he puts into his body. That is a tall order coming from a man who runs a burger joint. But the burgers are healthier. First, they are not the massive and crazed meat bombs we might be accustomed to. You can add more patties if you wish, but otherwise these babies are portioned and priced more sensibly. He also offers a vegetarian option in the Portobello patty. The single is 5.99.

Each burger can be made into a slider portion for those with a lesser appetite, or to feed the munchkins, starting at 5.25 for two. Go for a bagful of a dozen for 27.95.

Options are abound as you may choose different styles of burgers and buns. The old school burger offers Coleslaw and barbecue sauce and if you are old school the burger includes grilled onions, pickles and the standard sauces. Buns range from white, wheat and pretzel and are custom baked to their specifications. I suggest the pretzel bun for added flavor and bite.

better burger

There is also a great cheese selection for those wishing to stay away from the standard bizarre American slice.

Then we have the fries. Choose between fresh Idaho, sweet or purple potatoes. The fries are cooked in peanut oil and that adds to their refinement. You also have a choice of sauces to accompany your potatoes such as chipotle ketchup or bleu cheese. Each offers a plateau of crispness and bounty of flavor.

greekGreek Salad

For those less burger happy, there is a selection of salads. Chopped, Greek and even a Caesar.  We were also happy with the BLT which comes supplied with a fried egg, white cheddar and rosemary mayo.

Does Vitalis make a better burger? It certainly ranks, but damned those fries are some of the very best the city has to offer.

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