Green Grocer in Dallas Shuttering Jan 18th

greenby Steven Doyle

What should have been the ideal neighborhood and the perfect shop for fresh produce and deliciously prepared meal items that  are short of GMO’s and tall on organic and locally sourced goodness, Green Grocer announced that it will be closing its doors Monday, January 18th. The sad news will have an economic impact with upwards to fifty local suppliers, many are growers who depend on shops such as Green Grocer for their livelihood.

Owner Cassie Green, a transplant from Chicago where she had previously left corporate life to open a similar operation before finally moving to Dallas, opening up the boutique grocer in 2012.   

Green told us that she will have limited hours this week, opening at noon and closing at 7pm. She is also offering 25% off everything in the store except made-to-order juices, coffee and smoothies.

The closing will leave a hole in this style of market in Dallas and will be sorely missed in the neighborhood by Green’s many patrons. Green Grocer is located at 3614 Greenville Avenue in Dallas.

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