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Bird Cafe to Close May 22

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Bird Café bids adieu to Sundance Square Plaza next Friday, May 22, while supplies last.

“With the shutdown caused by Covid-19, we found it impossible to operate economically and have elected to close permanently. We invite all of our loyal patrons to join us at 25% capacity or on the patio for one last hurrah before then, while our inventory lasts,” says Shannon Wynne, designer and operating partner. Wynne’s concepts have occupied the same building for the past twenty-five years. Continue reading

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Mudhen Set to Close Nov 3


Mudhen Meat and Greens, the healthful eatery located in the heart of the Dallas Farmers Market will close on Sunday, November 3.

“I apologize to all the folks in Dallas who appreciate clean and healthy options. I apologize to the vegans and vegetarians, locavores, paleophiles and keto-maniacs! We tried very hard to give you healthful options but in the end we were not successful in attracting enough people to drive all the way down to the Farmers Market to eat,” says Shannon Wynne. Continue reading

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West End Spaghetti Warehouse Closing


We received a note from the Spaghetti Warehouse today, which is odd because we never heard from them, ever. They are closing up shop in Dallas. Continue reading

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The Grape Is Sadly Closing


It is with bittersweet and very mixed emotions that Brian and Courtney Luscher announce they are closing The Grape Restaurant on Thursday, October 10, 2019.

The Luschers have operated the Lower Greenville institution since 2007 when they bought it from the original owners after working for them for a number of years. Originally opened in 1972 by Kathy McDaniel and Charlotte Parker, The Grape has garnered numerous awards and accolades while hosting marriage proposals too numerous to count. The restaurant has always been known as a chef’s place with an ever changing menu. Continue reading


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Abacus Closes June 1st

abacusby  Steven Doyle

After many years, chefs and the loss of its co-founder Kent Rathbun,  Abacus announced its closure. We have their social media announcement below. We look forward to seeing Chef Chad Bowden tells they  will remodel and open as a new restaurant soon. He will remain chef. Continue reading


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Harvey’s Closing January 14th

harv1by Steven Doyle

If you have lived in Dallas any length of time you may be familiar with Harvey Goff, owner of Goff’s (now Harvey’s) which is one of the legends of the Dallas burger business. He is made up of one part snark, one park burger aficionado,  and another part patriot. Consider this king of burgers the original Soup Nazi that Dallas has endeared. since the 50’s.

It was 1970 when Harvey Goff took over his family burger business that had been in business since 1950. The years that followed are what legends are made of. Of course the thin pattied burger was char grilled with appropriate hash marks. This is one of the burgers of my youth, and one my departed mother enjoyed most. You might add Prince of Burgers, a drive-in on Lemmon, to this list and yet another establishment in East Dallas called the Dairy-ette. But it was Goff’s that brings the most interesting memories.  Continue reading


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