We Went To Zuckerberg’s For A BBQ (Sort Of)

screenshot_2016-10-09-18-36-19by Steven Doyle

Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook, invited about 100,000 people to his back yard in Palo Alto, California for a BBQ. You were invited if you happened to be on Facebook Sunday afternoon.

The BBQ was virtual, but a bit entertaining none the less. There were at least a few people extremely excited to see Mark’s live feed on Facebook. Namely the brands of grills and smokers he uses on a regular basis who got a huge plug, and a certain BBQ Sauce brand that will no doubt be emptied from shelves across the county, and ordered from around the world.  

The Grill Talk wasn’t much of a discussion about smoking meats, in fact the media giant said he had a difficult time perfecting his brisket. He was actually smoking a brisket for a pre-presidential debate dinner party. There were also a few racks of ribs involved. But while his meat was doing its thing, Zuckerberg awkwardly read his monitor filled with shout outs from across the globe, and he attempted to mention as many names as they flew across his screen.


The few minutes Zuckerberg did discuss meats we found out that he likes Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ Sauce (A KC style sauce bottled in Chicago). He also endorsed the Big Green Egg which is where he was grilling his ribs. He prefered using a large smoker for his low and slow brisket. According to Zuckerberg the brisket would only take 6 hours to smoke, which is a big reason his brisket does not come out the way he might prefer. In Texas we know he needs to let the meat smoke much, much longer. Twice as long. We might want to offer him the services of one of our state’s smoker gods.

The smoker Zuck (we can call him that now that we are old friends) was something he called The General. A quick Googler search resulted nothing by that name. We fear his smoker relationship needs a bit of therapy.

ipaZuckerberg’s brew of choice

Zuckerberg didn’t have a great grasp on his choice of beer either. During a majority of the party he sucked on a bottle of water from Whole Foods. But once his friends showed they broke out the beer. When put on the spot he blurted out his favorite beer was Anchor Steam. Nice try since that is a local brewery and was on the tip of his water-drinking tongue. But what he actually stocked in his refrigerator was Lagunitas IPA

We learned a bit about the billionaire yesterday. He likes to hunt for his own meat (guessing he slaughtered a pig and cow for dinner that night), drives a Volkswagen GTI, is in dire need of a new fence, and uses a few folding chairs that you might see at a picnic for octogenarians. It is endearing, really. And comforting to know we are not missing out on any Gatsby-style lawn parties at  the Zuckerberg household.

In the end we did not get to see or taste the ribs or brisket,  but we walked away knowing that as Texans we dine better than at least one billionaire.

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