Caprino Royale Closed To Make Way Revelation Artisan Cheese

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by Steven Doyle

Based out of Waco, husband and wife duo Eric Tippit and Karen Dierolf produced stunning cheeses that exemplify Texas’ cheese-making potential and embody our independent, DIY spirit at Caprino Royale. The cheese makers described their diary as a “learn as you go” enterprise: their supple creations come from observation, experimentation and study of other dairy farms.  

We have enjoyed Caprino Royale cheeses for some year now, and found the product on many menus across North Texas. This told, the owners announced today that they have sold their farm and goats and have already moved from Waco to Meridien, Texas where they will make cheese under the name Revelation Artisan Cheese.

The couple plan to source their dairy from Liberty Farms Dairy in Hico, Texas. The process of building the new facility is underway and they plan to open sometime in February where they will make cheese and open a small retail space.



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  1. Marc

    Good luck to Eric and Karen.

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