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Caprino Royale Closed To Make Way Revelation Artisan Cheese

eric karen

by Steven Doyle

Based out of Waco, husband and wife duo Eric Tippit and Karen Dierolf produced stunning cheeses that exemplify Texas’ cheese-making potential and embody our independent, DIY spirit at Caprino Royale. The cheese makers described their diary as a “learn as you go” enterprise: their supple creations come from observation, experimentation and study of other dairy farms.   Continue reading

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Beer News For The Week Of April 22, 2012

by Steven Doyle

Beer continues to pour  freely through the streets of Dallas and we have a bit of news that should prove interesting to those that enjoy a good craft beer.

The guys at Union Bear finally received their brewing equipment and worked on their first batch of home grown this weekend. The guys made a Belgium Pale Ale that will make its debut in about three weeks. We will keep you posted on that bit of news. In the mean time they are hatching new ideas for some crazy good beers and even crazier names.

Deep Ellum Brewing Company continues to the be bad boy of beer in Dallas and you can sample on some of their finest in several places this week, including the world headquarters for the beer located in in Deep Ellum.     Continue reading

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