Wayward Sons on Greenville Closed


Owners Brandon Hays, Phil Schanbaum and executive chef/co-owner Graham Dodds announce Wayward Sons is officially closed.

Hays says, “It is truly fitting that we closed Wayward Sons on a day that revolves around love.  The amount of love that went into this project is unparalleled to anything I have ever done before, and I know my partners Phil and Graham feel the same way.”

Dodds says, “I am deeply saddened by the closing of Wayward Sons. I had hoped we would be a neighborhood staple for the long-term – a fun and vibrant place that melded Texas cuisine and family favorites while supporting local farmers and artisans. I will miss my staff the most – a very dedicated and diverse group of passionate and hardworking folks. However, I am looking forward to the future. And, I hope people will continue to seek out restaurants and businesses that align with these principles I hold so dear.”

Hays continues, “To our partners who put their faith in us, thank you. To our landlords who did everything they could to work with us, thank you. To our staff, who worked tirelessly and eloquently to tell the story of Graham’s food, thank you. And finally, to our guests who supported us, thank you.”

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