Out of the Fire and into the Fryer at Quincy’s Chicken Shack

Qs-9by Trey Moran

We enjoyed a nice preview dinner at the newest endeavor from the people that bring you Truck Yard and Twisted Root.  Quincy’s Chicken Shack opened in Coppell about 3 months ago and is business is starting to pick up.  Named for co-owner Quincy Hart and loosely based on his family recipes, they wanted to give the place the vibe of hanging in someone’s back yard. Mission accomplished.  

Inside is a big open room with big barn doors and a massive Mason jar chandelier.  Family style picnic tables lined with hay bales for sitting. The hay bales were my only complaint of the night. They were not as comfortable as you would think. I did over hear that they were making a change to this so crisis averted.  A massive door opens up to the patio area. Filled with vintage style lawn furniture, tables, a lighted windmill and an old truck with its bed converted to a stage, it was one of the better patios I’ve been to lately and there’s nothing like it in that area. There is also an outside bar.  


The patio is “shared” with Twisted Root and the two spaces are divided by a Twisted Rood City Limit sign. By shared I mean you can enjoy the music from both restaurants but you can’t carry food or drink across the line.  Restrooms are shared as well. There are stalls for women on one side, men on the other and a communal trough style sink for washing up.

The chicken at Quincy’s is done a little differently.  Instead of just frying chicken they cook whole chickens on a rotisserie then separate and flash fry them. It works. There was a great crust and the chicken was very juicy and flavorful.  You can order the rotisserie chicken too if you are looking for a healthier alternative.  Roasted carrots, black eyed peas, cornbread and a cucumber salad rounded out our dinner menu selections for the night.  



Fried Pie

Lunch features a few sandwiches and salads. The hot chicken sandwich, which was a Nashville style chicken, was very good. Not overly spicy but enough to let you know it’s there. A picture perfect fried apple pie for dessert along with a heaping portion of cookie dough on a big wooden spoon did us in.  I could not have eaten another bite after that.

Quincy’s has full bar service and offers some featured cocktails.  Favorites were the Shoofly Punch,  Tequila Mockingbird and the house bottled Manhattan, yes, they bottle and cap them.  The outdoor stage had great sound and the patio was very comfortable.  If you are waiting for a table you will be required to carry around a rubber chicken with you allotted number. This could make for some interesting selfies.  

Grab your “peeps” and head to Quincy’s Chicken Shack for a laid back family style cookout.

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