The Iconic Windmill Now Open For Business After Clean Up

10_2017_04_Windmill-124-Editby Steven Doyle     photos by Robert Bostick

After the new owners closed the Windmill, that iconic classic cocktail lounge formerly run by Greek Charlie Pap (who now owns Industry Alley), the doors opened last evening for a proper unveiling. With new wood floors, a fresh coat of paint inside and out, refurbished furniture, sparkling new bathrooms, a working AC unit, the addition of a pool table and a new patio, the doors opened early to an excited and thirsty crowd.

There was a missing element that was easily explained by owner Elia Tom Georgalis, who also owns The Ivy Tavern, the same man who also breathed life into the Inwood Tavern. “We are going to auction off the jukebox at our grand opening,” confided Georgalis.  



That answered my question. That was the same jukebox which won many awards from the Dallas Observer and other local publications for having the best tunes in Dallas. These songs were formerly curated by Pap, and it was time to bring in nearly every song known to mankind by way of the connected electronic version. Perhaps we will miss a bit of nostalgia, but the craveDFW staff plans to be part of that raffle and tote the box of tunes home with us on grand opening night, Lord willing. All this courtesy of the Windmill and the people at S&M Entertainment who provided the aging jukebox.



The look, the feel and most importantly, the cocktails are still very much familiar. The crowd is still uber local, which brings a grand mix of faces all with the common denominator of finding a comfortable watering hole in a safe environment. An oasis if you will.

Look for a full kitchen and menu arriving in coming weeks, and a grand opening whenever that happens. Of course, you will hear about it on crave.

The Windmill is located at 5320 Maple Avenue.

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