The Reason Why Everybody Loves Oishii

oishiiby Steven Doyle

It doesn’t take but a few visits to Oishii before you are embraced as a regular not only by the owner, Thanh Nguyen, but by the entire staff. This is one reason why so many mourned when the fusion sushi restaurant took on major fire damage in December of 2012. The food also plays a major role in making this one of the premier neighborhood restaurants since it opened nearly a dozen years ago. 




Nguyen has enjoyed this fantastic overnight success, if you consider working a whole host of jobs that prepared him for this eventual foray into his own restaurant. Those stints included more than several restaurants including Steel where he worked as sushi chef.




Now Nguyen enjoys working a host of cuisines that he does very well and satisfies nearly every taste with his Vietnamese, Chinese, and Japanese recipes. And the star of this show is definitely the sushi bar, with its premium space on most any given evening.

Oishii | 2525 Wycliff, Dallas | 214.599.9448

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