Celebrate Thai Restaurant Week at Asian Mint For Fun Surprises

DSC00658by Steven Doyle

Asian Mint seems to disregard restaurant norms that you cannot be all things to all people, but chef-owner Nikky Phinyawatana sees things through mint colored glasses. At her Dallas Thai restaurant with two locations (and a third in the works at Inwood and Lovers Lane) the chef has created this lovely and relaxed menu that is pan-Asian in concept, included dishes from Thailand, China and even Japan. All these delicious dishes all crescendo to this marvelous happy ending with one of Nikky’s desserts.  

Celebrating Thai Restaurant Week (kick-off is today) at Asian Mint is a labor of love when you consider three dishes that are not on their regular menu. We had a chance to sample these dishes in advance to bring you a snapshot.


We started our Thai experience with Spicy Tuna Crisps topped with seaweed salad and spicy tuna. What a marvelous surprise these were to enjoy.

Our most favorite Thai dish is Khao Soi Chicken, and Asian Mint has created an elegant version that is nearly too pretty to eat, but of course we did. This is a traditional Northern Thailand dish that has extraordinarily complex and delicious flavors. It’s a mixture of egg noodles, yellow curry, red onion and pickled cabbage. Noodles are also a big part of Thai New Year, which coincides with Thai Restaurant Week, and is considered to bring good luck.

DSC00655Khao Soi Chicken

DSC00652Garlic Basil Chicken & Eggplant

Another amazing dish served this week includes Mint’s Garlic Basil Chicken & Eggplant which is an exciting aromatic chicken dish. It’s braised with garlic, chilies, soy and finished with fresh basil. Serve with jasmine rice. The eggplant are braised perfectly and not too relenting and absorb much of the dishes flavors giving off a perfect bite.

Another offering is Asian Mint’s Mango Mandarin Chicken, which is this crispy chicken dish topped with a mango mandarin sauce served with broccoli, carrot, snap peas and jasmine rice. A sweet dish which highlights mango which is very much in season now.

XCocktails are very much part of the Asain Mint menu, and they perform some excellent versions of the classics such as the The Asian Mule made with lemongrass-infused. hey also have a killer wine selection.

Bring plenty of friends with you to enjoy your Thai Week so you may sample more dishes and excite your palate further.

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